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Dear Pru

Pru Raymond is a writer, knitting pattern designer and teacher. Pru teaches knitting workshops Australia-wide to share skills, foster creativity and build connections within and beyond the knitting community.

Pru stands with Charmaine and Jas in front of the Fibre Feast sign at the Prospect Road Autumn Fair in March 2023

Fibre Feast SA: Hanging up my apron

After a successful year as part of the Fibre Feast SA organising committee, Pru is stepping down to focus on her designing, teaching and writing.

Dear Pru Brand Expansion thanks to Pip Kruger and City of Charles Sturt

New Brand Toy Box

When I became the recipient of a Charles Sturt Business Development Grant this year, I wanted to use it to take my brand identity further, so as to better communicate who Dear Pru is as a business in my products and advertising. And I wanted to do it with a local creative businesswoman who “gets” me: Pip Kruger.

A Treasure Map for Agro-Tourists on the Yarn Trail

Tucked into the Victorian countryside are hidden gems: sheep and alpaca farms, mills, dyeing studios and yarn stores. Many are by appointment only, and unless you are in the know, you wouldn’t even think to go looking for them…luckily, Jess is charting a treasure map…