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About Pru

Pru Raymond is a knitting teacher, designer and writer. She shares her home in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband and a healthy yarn stash.

It’s amazing how much joy some string and two sticks has brought me over the years! I learnt to knit when I was 5, thanks to a neighbour. However, my real learning was over tea and cake with my grandma, with the English Women’s Weekly knitting patterns as our curriculum! As an adult I have continued my learning journey by attending knitting workshops and participating in knit-a-longs with friends. This has nurtured my skills and enriched my life. Knitting has also fostered friendships, inspired travel and become the basis for my creative business: Dear Pru.

I began running Dear Pru in 2017 as a side hustle while working as a high school teacher. My intention was to share skills, foster creativity and connect more deeply with my community through my knitting workshops. Teaching knitting workshops around Australia remains at the core of my business. I also design knitting patterns for sale in print internationally and online, and freelance for knitting publications. Work has begun on an online learning platform to share Dear Pru knitting workshops virtually. This will be launched at the end of 2023.

Pru Raymond wearing her Slip Float Wrap and a leather jacket
Pru Raymond, wearing her Slip Float Wrap design. Photographed by Jacie Davis 2022

Many people’s experience of knitting is limited to a half-finished scarf they began as a child. This makes me sad, as there is so much more to it! Knitting is an incredibly rich art form with a diverse global expression. There are many knitters worldwide who embrace it as a mindfulness practice, a creative outlet, or a way to express their cultural heritage. I hope that my knitting workshops can inspire people take up knitting to improve their wellbeing through creativity, learning and connection.


Dear Pru’s sock knitting workshop is fantastic! Anyone who’s reading this who is still on the fence- get yourself a ticket! Even if you know “how to do socks” already, there are so many variations that you’ll probably learn something you didn’t know already


I never thought I’d be good at knitting or even begin to understand how to do it… I absolutely love knitting now. I aspire to make a beanie and socks, and one day a jumper!