Pru Raymond is a knitting designer and teacher. She is wearing a hot pink beanie and a colourful dress with a knitting print, siting in front of a street art mural
Photography © Jacie Davis

Bamboozled by knitting terms or frozen with fear over a dropped stitch?

Knitting is a fantastically rich art practice, with centuries of cultural expressions including Fair Isle, Aran, Roosimine, Cowchin, Lopapeysa. It’s easy to spend a lifetime exploring these different techniques!

Knitting can also improve your wool-being and that of the planet: make unique ethical, sustainable clothing and gifts that uniquely express your creativity.

But where to start? Knitting workshops are a fun way develop skills, foster creativity and connect with others: come along to a knitting workshop with Pru Raymond to find out!

Pru Raymond designs patterns to inspire knitters to try different techniques and build their skills and confidence with knitting. Dear Pru knitting patterns are available for purchase internationally in print and online.