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Improve your wool-being!

Do you want to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of learning to knit or build your skills and confidence to cast on even more challenging knitting projects?

Knitting has many wool-being benefits:

    • knitting can be used as an active mindfulness strategy to focus your attention and breath
    • knitting workshops, craft retreats and charity knitting groups are a great way to spend time with friends and make new ones
    • unique knitted garments, accessories and toys knit by you can become treasured gifts for friends and family
    • a unique, sustainable wardrobe of hand-knits made with natural fibres supports planetary wellbeing
    • learning new things helps maintain a healthy brain.

Pru Raymond is qualified teacher, designer, writer and wool-being expert. Daily knitting is part of her self-care regime. It helps her quieten her busy mind, live her slow fashion values, be creative and feel connected.

DIY wool-being

Knitting workshops are a super fun way to learn and connect with others, but if you would prefer to work at your own pace, or can’t get to one of her workshops, Pru Raymond has published a range of knitting patterns. The instructions are clearly written, with quality photos and links to support videos.

Dear Pru knitting patterns are available online and in print internationally at your local yarn store. Download a digital copy now via the Dear Pru online store:

Photo credit: Jacie Davis

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