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Pru Raymond writes freelance articles for knitting magazines, such as Laine, and has recently published a Yarn Store Passport! 

Pru has also published a range of low content books for Knitters, Crocheters and Yarnaholics! Like the Yarn Store Passport. These are available for purchase on Amazon worldwide.

Yarn Store Passport

The Yarn Store Passport is a record for intrepid Yarnaholics, Knitters and Crocheters who like to visit local yarn stores, mills, indie dye studios, yarn festivals and farms- in person or virtually. Now they can plan and document their yarn-inspired travels, collecting stickers and stamps as they go, all in this sweet project bag-sized book. 

Resources for Local Yarn Stores, Indie Dyers, Knitting Event Organisers, Guilds etc

The Yarn Store Passport is a great way to engage your customers and invite new ones to visit your shop/ venue/ site/ event in person or virtually. You don’t need to register, all you need to do is have a stamp or sticker ready for your customer to place in their passport, in the space provided ( 7 cm/ 2.75″ wide, 5.3 cm/ 2″ high). 

If you have an online yarn store, consider sending a sticker with each order, or a note encouraging customers to rescue the sticker on the packaging for their passport. If you do markets, festivals or have a brick and mortar yarn store, you could stamp their books.

Unfortunately wholesale arrangements are not possible at this time, but please feel free to contact Pru if you are wanting to purchase in bulk for a fibre festival 

Please feel free to download these resources and print or post on social media to let your customers know you have stamps/stickers for their Yarn Store Passport:

Knitter's Learning Journal

The Knitter’s Learning Journal isn’t just another cute journal, it’s a powerful learning tool for knitters to plan and record their skill development, and reflect on their wool being. 

Pru, who is a qualified teacher with a Masters in Educational Leadership and 17 years experience teaching secondary and tertiary education, developed this low-content book as a resource for knitters and knitting teachers. It’s designed to support a knitter’s learning journey and prompt them to consider how knitting is, or could help them improve their wellbeing with regular check-ins spaced throughout the book. There’s a knitting skills bingo and a few other fun features. It’s the same size as the Yarn Store Passport and should neatly fit in your project-bag.

The Knitter’s Project Planner  is a useful project-bag-sized record for knitters to plot their next pullover project and track their wooly WIPs on the go.

This 120 page paperback planner includes project logs, progress trackers, and space to sketch out a schematic for a sweater you are about to cast on. There are also body measurement records for you and your knitworthy friends and family and “Make 9 Planners” to help curate a me-made capsule wardrobe to hit your Slow Fashion goals!

Other publications

Pru Raymond (2023) “Finns Flourish Down Under”, Laine Vol. 17, pp. 54-59 (photographed by Jacie Davis)

Pru Raymond (2022) “A Woman’s Work is Never (Un)Done”, Yarnologie Vol. 3, pp.102-107 (photographed by Jacie Davis)

Pru Raymond (2022) “How to Use Colour Dominance in Colourwork Knitting”, Yarnologie Vol. 3, pp.125-129 (photographed by Jacie Davis)