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I published my first book!

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Yarn Store passport cover

I always dreamed of being an author. As a child I devoured novels, comics, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes: every possible printed word in the house. But most of all I loved opening up blank note books. There was something so exciting about the potential to inscribe my own story within the fresh blue lines….I loved writing about my life and the curious things other people did and said.

However, I haven’t published an autobiography, or a work of fiction: I have produced what is known as a “low content book”- it’s a book filled with templates I have designed to assist the intrepid knitter/ crocheter to plan and record their adventures visiting yarn stores, indie dye studios and yarn festivals around the globe.

I call it Yarn Store Passport: A record for intrepid Yarnaholics, Knitters and Crocheters. It’s not very expensive, and will fit in most project bags. A great gift for the yarny you know, and the ones you will befriend as you travel the globe collecting all the stamps and stickers at far-flung local yarn stores. Order your copy on Amazon now

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