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Spark Business Grant: Vote for Dear Pru

I’m currently 12th in a line of 79 Female Founders competing for a $10,000 Spark Business Grant…but I would be no. 1 with your vote!

Spark Global is a Brisbane based consultancy, focused on supporting female entrepreneurs. They have identified a need to support women-led businesses with funds to grow their business – not just mentoring like the Women in Business grants supported by the Office for Family and Small Business.

Round one was won by Practice Studio, a slow fashion business in Brisbane. How cool would it be for Round 2 to be won by a South Australian slow fashion business? It would support me to develop an online learning platform to share knitting skills with more people, as well as streamline my design process to be able to publish more original knitting patterns.

My core business is teaching knitting workshops around Australia, and selling self-published knitting patterns. I also write for publications and facilitate teaching tours for international designers…but my main income is derived teaching face to face workshops. It has been a dream of mine for some time to develop an online teaching platform to be able to share skills virtually and host a community learning hub to support knitters.

While there are lots of insta posts these days saying “anyone can create an online course”, the reality is that developing a quality online course requires a bit more investment. That’s where this grant comes in handy: I have the expertise to develop online courses – I have taught university courses online – and with this grant I can shoot clear, well-lit videos with clear audio to support learners who access my courses.

Spark Leaderboard: Dear Pru is 12th

At the end of round 2, the top place is being held by a Singapore based business. Dear Pru is ranked 12th for the Spark Business Grant…. I really need your help to get back into the top 10 by next Friday and WIN by 31 December.

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