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Social Media: More than “Real Life”

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I really like social media. I love how I can connect with other knitters all over the globe, see what they are making, visit yarn stores virtually, learn about new techniques or materials, look in on events and workshops. I also love that I can stay in touch with friends who I have met at Vogue Knitting Live in New York or knitting retreats around Australia.

Not all my social media friends are people I have met in real life. That used to be a pre-condition for friending anyone on Facebook or MySpace back in the day. Now, I have people with whom I chat regularly, all over the globe, that I have only ever seen on a screen. Actually- the co-host of my podcast, Jess Meyer of Yarn Trail Victoria, is one of those people! We spend a couple of hours a week in Zoom calls together and yet we have never met in real life!

The reality is, as a knitrepreneur, or as a knitter, the “real life” community might not be accessible to you. It might be about your location or your transport options; your work or family commitments. It might be that your health (in the broadest sense) stops you from venturing out. Perhaps for one or all of these reasons, at some point or another, your only point of connection with the knitting world is via social media. I think it is so great that we have this means to connect. Knitters around the world can encourage and support each others’ creative pursuits by posting/ uploading, commenting, following, sharing and sending messages via social media.

In this week’s episode of The Knitrepreneurs we focus on Social Media Strategies. Because, despite my optimistic view, many find it a daunting space to share their creative business. Jess and I want to help.

As usual, there’s a knitting book review: this time it’s ‘The Knitted Fabric’ by Dee Hardwicke. Check it out here

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