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An open letter to Santa… gift ideas for knitters.

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Gift Ideas for Knitters: a letter to Santa

Dear Santa- or can I call you Nick? My hubby is a Nick too, and well, I have always had a thing for that name… Nick: it’s been a very tough year. The economy is shot, there are wars in some parts of the world, and bubbling tensions in others… and my personal issues aside, things aren’t great. I frequently take solace in my knitting, and let the soothing rhythm, colours and textures reset my energy. I think there are lots of others out there like me. Lots of really good people who aren’t closing their eyes to the injustices โ€“ but not piling on either. Instead, they reflect, they pray, they listen, they knit. Perhaps you know some of these knitters? If so, you would know they have been Very Good.

Very Good Knitters have bought yarn from mills, indie dyers and LYS; they have written encouraging comments on posts by designers; they have knitted gifts for friends and family; they have knitted trauma teddies for the Red Cross. They have sat by a loved one and knitted while listening to their sleeping breath; they have sat side by side in the square with an aspiring knitter; they have sat at the feet of an elder knitter and learned. They have wrapped their arms and shawls around friends and strangers alike at festivals, demonstrations, homes and halls. They have shared, and been silent but for the click of needles when companionship was more needed than opinions.

The Very Good Knitter isn’t looking for rewards or presents โ€“ probably have SABLE* โ€“ but if you did want them to know you appreciated their kind efforts, here’s some suggested gift ideas for knitters to you to pop in their Fair Isle stocking or under the Granny Square tree:

  1. The Yarn Store Passport**: A record for Intrepid Yarnaholics, Knitters and Crocheters is a project bag sized book for collecting stamps and stickers to recall all sorts of real-life and virtual yarn-y adventures. A very wholesome activity for knitters who love to travel to knitting festivals, local yarn stores or shop online with indie dyers from around the world.
  2. Mitten Blockers: beautiful birch-veneer blockers for finishing your Estonian-style mittens. Actually, anything from Aleks Byrd’s online store is GORGEOUS and would make the Very Good Knitter very, very happy.
  3. Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A Winder**: A reliable ball winder is essential for any knitter. If you want to splash out and go premium on a Very Good Knitter you could go the Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Ballwinder– but it is a bit more exy and it does require a bit more set up.
  4. Digital Kitchen Scales 500g/ 0.01g**: Knitters like to play a game called “Yarn Chicken”. This will be a great gift for a knitter who likes to take it right down to the last 0.01g OR for a designer who needs to track yarn usage accurately.
  5. Patty Lyons (2022) Knitting Bag of Tricks**: this book is not a knitting manual… it’s a detailed dissertation on the “why of knitting” as researched by the celebrated teacher, designer and author, Patty Lyons. This would be a great gift idea for a knitter who is just starting out or a knitter who wants to go deeper and understand why her knitting behaves as it does.
  6. MJ Mucklestone (2011) 200 Fair Isle Motifs**: Stitchinaries and Motif books are always a great source of inspiration for the creative knitter. Or you could really impress them and get them a ticket to one of MJ’s classes when she tours Australia next year?
  7. Dear Pru Knitting Workshops: I am teaching all over Australia, and the USA next year. But the safest bet is that I will offer a bunch of classes at Yarn Trader in Port Adelaide. A gift voucher will give the Very Good Knitter the ability to book into a class when the schedule is published early next year.
  8. Subscription to Laine Magazine: one of the best gifts for knitters is a subscription to a knitting magazine. For years my sister has subscribed me to PomPom magazine. Unfortunately, issue 48 will be their last. A few other magazines like Yarnologie and Amirusu are also suspending their periodicals. We gotta support those we have left!
  9. Digital Subscription to Vogue Knitting: this is a cheaper/ greener option for the tech-savvy Very Good Knitter.
  10. Lumos Knitting Light: I don’t have one yet, but almost every other knitter I know does… actually, most Very Good Knitters have probably already invested in one. But I trust you to check your list twice, Nick, and drop one under the tree one if they don’t have a Lumos already.

*SABLE = Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy

**contains Amazon affiliate links

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