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Knitting Techniques

Knitting techniques often have a fascinating history or cultural story behind them. There are also many techniques and practices that are contentious- like swatching. Some knitters swear by it, and others just swear about doing it!

Monogamous knitting is not for me

Who said “Thou shalt not have other WIPs”? ​Who told the virtuous knitter this was the high road and promised her eternal rewards if she can avert her gaze from other plump yarns and shiny tools?

Don’t swatch.

Swatching is a topic that often divides knitters: when should you swatch? Pru argues there’s no need to knit a swatch…you can always frog it, right? Or gift it to a friend who will hand wash it and dry it flat in the shade every time.

Pictured: swatch for West Knits 2022 MKAL in NNK Yarns