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Monogamous knitting is not for me

The virtuous knitter: starts a new project, works diligently, and once she casts off, weaves in all the ends, so that it’s as beautiful on the inside as the outside. It is blocked and folded neatly for its first wear.

The virtuous knitter may suffer boredom, cramping hands and other soreness but she continues on without complaint. She is in a monogamous relationship with this project and will see it through to completion, no matter what the temptation.

Who told her “Thou shalt not have other WIPs”? Who told her this was the high road and promised her eternal rewards if she can avert her gaze from other plump yarns and shiny tools? Who told her it was good and proper to suffer for her craft?

There are no such commands. There are no such rewards. In fact, her productivity might increase if she were to alternate between projects. The duration she is able to knit might extend if she is able to put down the complex lace shawl she was working on during the day and picked up her chunky garter stitch blanket in the evening. With WIPs of various complexity she might select one to complement her activity, and reduce errors.

Be freed, virtuous knitter, from your assumption that monogamous knitting is the best way, and embrace your own path.

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