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Fibre Feast SA

Fibre Feast SA is South Australia’s Premier Yarn Craft and Fibre Arts event in Adelaide. It is held annually in March. The most recent event was held as part of Prospect Road Autumn Fair on 26 March 2023 at Blackfriars Priory College. Pru Raymond is one of the organisers of Fibre Feast, along with Yarnarama’s Charmaine Summers and Purl and Friends’ Jasmin Morley.

Pru stands with Charmaine and Jas in front of the Fibre Feast sign at the Prospect Road Autumn Fair in March 2023

Fibre Feast SA: Hanging up my apron

After a successful year as part of the Fibre Feast SA organising committee, Pru is stepping down to focus on her designing, teaching and writing.

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Yarn Tasting anyone? Pru Raymond is offering a flight of yarns at Fibre Feast this Sunday/