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Yarn Tasting at Fibre Feast 2022

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Wine can’t be understood by just studying the label and holding the bottle- you have to serve it, smell it, swirl it, slurp it, and savour it. The same with yarn. You need to squish it, let strands slide through your fingers, knit with it, observe how it behaves as it is stitched into a fabric, and then squish the resulting fabric some more.

Yesterday I was privileged to serve up 20 yarns from 10 different stallholders at Fibre Feast, South Australia’s premier yarn craft event. I met a lot of new fellow yarn appreciators, collectors and knitters as well as reconnecting with old friends and students who have attended my Dear Pru knitting workshops.

I hope to host this event again next year: though why wait? I can see yarn tasting at a design market… a pop up event? A yarn retailer?

Yarn Tasting flight at Fibre Feast
Friends from Yarnies knitting group extending their adventurous palates
Stallholder Vada Blue shared three unusual yarns on the menu: Banana Fibre and Cotton, Silk Chiffon and Recycled Sari Silk. These last two provoked some fantastic discussions about sustainability and circular production in the fashion industry
Beautiful friend Alex popping by to say hi, wearing her test knit of my Slip Float Wrap

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