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Pru Raymond teaches engaging, impactful knitting workshops around Australia. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership and 16 years experience teaching high school and university education. Pru uses her expertise in curriculum design, online and classroom learning (as well as 36 years knitting!) to facilitate engaging, enjoyable Dear Pru workshops.

Pru loves visiting new communities and inspiring knitters around Australia. Reach out if you want to collaborate with Pru to offer knitting workshops at your yarn store, community centre or school- use the contact form or learn a bit more here first

Spring workshops at Sunspun

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Dear Pru knitting workshops were hosted at Sunspun this September. The boutique yarn store in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs was filled with knitters learning to knit brioche, socks and Fair Isle- one class even included steeking!

Sustainability Stitch by Stitch

Knitting is a form of craftivism, a gentle rebellion against consumerism. Pru Raymond’s Knitting for Zero Waste Living series at Charles Sturt’s 19 on Green centre was designed to empower knitters to make sustainable choices, and opt out of a throwaway lifestyle.

Close Knit Community

Throughout July I’m teaching a series of Knitting Workshops with a Sustainability focus at 19 on Green, a Community Centre in the City of Charles Sturt

Just start somewhere

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Learning a new thing (like knitting) can be daunting… just start somewhere… but be prepared to adopt some tools and techniques along the way to keep going, along with a healthy dose of self compassion.