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Knitrepeneurs Start With Why

The Knirepreneurs

So we’re six episodes into our podcast. Jess from Yarn Trail Victoria and I started recording part of our weekly business chats six weeks ago because we thought it might be of interest to other small businesses in the yarn craft industry in Australia.

While there are lots of business podcasts, marketing podcasts, and knitting and crochet podcasts, there aren’t any that combine them. We wanted to be that bridge, or translation app to help other entrepreneurs in the wool world take what we’ve learnt about business in our industry and apply it to their own brand.

However, we started to slip into the much easier, and blander, update list. Jess challenged me yesterday: why are we doing this again? So we went back to first principles.

Last night’s episode re-aligns our content to our why: sharing business know-how within the knitting community. We’ve created a regular segment where we will explicitly discuss a concept, process or product that has supported the growth of our knitting businesses to help others, or at least spark some conversation. This week we discussed Simon Sinek’s power of Why which naturally emerged from our meeting which we traditionally host immediately before we record The Knitrepreneurs.

We’re also going to focus on a technique: not demonstrate it, but discuss the thinking around it, what we’re noticing and wondering, and some strategies. This week we talked about Continental Style Knitting with particular attention to the purl stitch.

We’re both teachers and readers and sharing books was a feature of our very first zoom meeting so we’re keeping that in the mix. And the handknit chicken. The Chicken of Wisdom is like our mascot and we can’t lose her.

The renewed approach is wrapped in new packaging too: new credits, new theme song. Hope you like it! Like everything in our podcast, it’s very much handmade.

Got a suggestion for a topic or a knitting business question? Throw a comment below or on our latest episode of The Knitrepreneurs

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