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The Knitrepreneurs

The Knitrepreneurs is a podcast interpreting business concepts through a fibre arts lens. Knitters with entrepreneurial spirit are invited to tune in to Spotify or YouTube to hear how Jess Meyer of Yarn Trail Victoria and Pru Raymond of Dear Pru are learning about and applying concepts such as “prestige pricing” and “point of difference” to navigate the business world as a knitrepreneur.

The Knitrepreneurs Episode 9: The Lipstick Index

The Knitrepreneurs #9: The Lipstick Index

In this week’s episode of The Knitrepreneurs, we discuss how the Lipstick Index relates to our yarn craft industry. In Australia, mortgages have increased significantly, cost of electricity and other essential items are going up, and the cost of living is expected to continue to rise into the new year. How might this affect the purchasing power of knitters and crocheters? And how could we respond to this challenging market using what we know about the Lipstick Index?

The Knirepreneurs

When is your hobby not a hobby, but a business?

The dangers of running your business as a hobby could be the simple annoyance that you now have ten crochet Cinderella dolls filling your spare room. But it could also mean legal or financial troubles or a terrible rift in a friendship because you didn’t abide by terms and conditions or you didn’t bother to clearly outline them in the first place.

This week the Knitrepreneurs consider: When is your hobby not a hobby, but a business?

The knitrepreneurs weekly podcast

Why The Knitrepreneurs? We’re a bit different…

There are a LOT of knitting podcasts out there. Does the world really need another one? What makes The Knitrepreneurs different from all the others? Our point of difference is that we cut the crusts off business concepts and serve them to you in knitter-friendly serving sizes. We aren’t business gurus, but what we do know, we’ll share, and welcome others add their insights. And, if you are an indie dyer, a knitting pattern designer, a crochet tutor, a yarn store owner, or aspire to be any of these things, this is the podcast for you.

The Knitrepreneur: just Pru for episode 3

The Knitrepreneurs is a weekly podcast featuring Pru Raymond (Dear Pru), Jess Meyer (Yarn Trail Victoria) and the Chicken of Wisdom. But what happens when Jess is flat out prepping for a knitting weekend in Harcourt? The show goes on…

The Knitrepreneurs: Episode 2

The Knitrepreneurs episode 2 is now available on YouTube…Jess and Pru get excited about knitting biz (as usual) and the (official) Chicken of Wisdom drops some purls.

The Knitrepreneurs

The Knitrepreneurs is two Australian entrepreneurs, who also happen to be knit wits, talking about the business of knitting and their knitting businesses!