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Key Questions for Prospective Dear Pru Collaborators

If you are a yarn store, knitting event organiser or community centre wanting to host Dear Pru workshops that sell out in minutes, then it is important to have clarity about the purpose of the event, who the client/ customer is that the event is serving, as well as identifying the investment of costs/ time/ resources. With this information in hand, Pru can work with you to plan a successful event that will meet the goals of your organisation and your client/customer.

Take a moment to jot down some responses and then contact Pru.


Duration and Timing


Ticketing and other Administrative responsibilities

Thank you for responding to these questions. This will support a successful collaboration, the facilitation of an enjoyable event, and determining a fair financial arrangement for all parties involved. When you are ready, reach out to Pru to make a time to Zoom or chat on the phone to finish planning your event!