Key Questions for Prospective Dear Pru Collaborators


  • What is the desired outcome/s of our collaboration?
  • How is our our combination of skills/ expertise/ resources going to support this outcome/s?
  • Who are our learners?
  • What skills would we like them to have at the end of the workshop?
  • What item would we like them to make during the workshop?
  • What else will be important to their workshop experience?

Duration and Timing

  • What is the maximum duration we will be working with them?
  • Will the total time be dedicated to learning or do other activities need to be accounted for when planning the event/workshop?
  • When would be the ideal timing for this workshop? Provide 2-3 dates/ times in order of preference.


  • Where will the workshop/event be hosted and who will negotiate this?
  • What is the cost of venue hire and who will be covering this?
  • Is the venue more that 40kms from Adelaide CBD? Reimbursement for Pru’s travel costs need to be included in costings.
  • Are there other considerations regarding the venue and set up?

Ticketing and other Administrative responsibilities

  • What costs are involved in hosting this workshop/ event?
  • Will some/ all materials be provided by Pru/ a Yarn Partner/ you, or are participants expected to provide their own?
  • Do you require Pru to negotiate with Yarn Partner to run a pop-up for this event?
  • What is the ideal ticket price for our participants?
  • Considering costs, is the event viable at the suggested price point? If no, consider what adjustments could be made to the model (ticket price/ inclusions/ minimum number of tickets).
  • What is the minimum number of ticket sales to be viable?
  • By what date should minimum ticket sales be expected?
  • What is the cut off date for ticket sales?
  • Who will administrate ticket sales and on what platform?
  • Who will pay suppliers?
  • Who will prepare and share the advertising collateral? NB Pru will provide photos and copy. If you require Pru to create flyers and other collateral, additional costs may be incurred.
  • When should the event begin to be advertised (allow at least 6 weeks lead time) and on what platforms?

Thank you for responding to these questions. This will assist in planning a successful event, and determining a fair financial arrangement for all parties involved.