Simple Socks… not simply socks

My Simple Socks knitting workshop could also be called “Learning Self Compassion” or “Develop your growth mindset” workshop, or “Strategising about how to overcome problems” workshop… yup, knitting happens, but the learning to be empowered learners is the powerful hidden curriculum of my classes.

Well… not that hidden. During my knitting workshops, I ask participants to name their learning intention, to share their strategies, and what they’re noticing about their progress/ responses to different challenges.

I taught this fantastic group of learners today at Yarn Trader, a yarn retailer in Port Adelaide. I’m wondering though, is there a corporate/retail/ well-being centre/ education team would be interested in me facilitating a workshop like this? ( not socks: simple this class may be, it’s not for complete beginners)

Please check out the Concepts and Collabs page of my website and let’s plan something together.

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