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The Knitrepreneurs Season 2 starts today!

Last year I started a podcast with Jess Meyer of Yarn Trail Victoria. We were meeting weekly on Zoom to peer mentor, and plan some ventures together, and decided that maybe some of what we were talking about would be of interest to other knitters, other knitting businesses. We thought that if we just hit record and popped it up on YouTube, someone might watch it, and find it useful.

We filmed 10 episodes last year, covering business concepts like ‘Point of Difference’, ‘Lipstick Index’, and ‘When is your business a business and not a hobby….’. We even got all Simon Sinek-al and talked about our ‘Why’.

This season, we’ve honed the recipe even more: BBC. Business, Book, Chicken. Yes, the Chicken of Wisdom is back, with more purls. And we’ll do a book a week. Not two. And no more updates- we’re going for timeless, perennial episodes that will be watched time and time again. Well. We hope some knitters will watch it. At least once.

Give us a shot- you can find 11 episodes over on YouTube or Spotify: 10 from Season 1 and one brand new shiny one we recorded last night. If you have any suggested topics or books, comment. Like, subscribe. All the things. Enjoy!

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