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Dear Pru Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are negotiated as part of the booking process, and will be stated in full on quotes/proposals. Here are the base terms for reference.

1. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, ‘The Client’ is the business, organisation or individual contracting Pru Raymond/ Dear Pru for the purposes of teaching a knitting workshop. A ‘Third Party’ refers to the client of The Client or organisation for which The Client is working. A ‘Yarn Partner’ refers to a yarn retailer who is contracted by Dear Pru or The Client.

2. Workshop materials, including photos, workbooks, patterns and flyers, will remain the intellectual property of Pru Raymond. The Client must accredit Pru Raymond when using images of workshop projects or workshop proceedings in all advertising materials in print and online. The Client will not reproduce any workbooks or patterns without written consent from Pru Raymond.

3. The maximum number of students per Dear Pru workshop is ten. Should a larger number be required, this must be negotiated prior to a quote being issued. Additional costs may be incurred.

4. The minimum number of students per Dear Pru workshop and protocols for case where minimum is not reached by an agreed date must be negotiated prior to an agreement being issued.

5. Pru Raymond is a qualified teacher (TRB SA exp. 2027) and has a current Working with Children Check. The Client is entitled to request this documentation for children’s workshops.

6. Where The Client is hosting an event and contracts Dear Pru to teach (Model A), a fixed rate, hourly rate or percentage of ticket sales may be negotiated by The Client and Dear Pru. The Client may also anticipate covering travel requirements, materials and other administrative costs associated with the workshop. Quotes are only an indication, and final costs will be outlined in an invoice based on actual costs and hours worked.

7. Where The Client collaborates with Dear Pru to co-own an event administratively and financially (Model B), it is advised that The Client start by engaging with the Key Questions for Prospective Dear Pru Collaborators to assist collaboratively planning a successful event, accurately anticipating costs and ensuring a fair financial arrangement for all parties involved.

8. A third model (Model C) exists: where Dear Pru is hosting an event and invites a Yarn Partner to exclusively provide yarn and tools, as well as set up pop up shop with no fee or commission payable to Dear Pru. In this scenario, Dear Pru will administrate ticket sales, reimburse the Yarn Partner and absorb profit.

9. All Model A (refer to no. 6) quotes in excess of $500 require a 50% deposit payable by The Client to Dear Pru prior to work commencing. This is considered part-payment of the final fee and is non-refundable.

10. Full payment is to be made by The Client to Dear Pru within 14 days of the invoice issue date.

11. If an invoice is not paid by The Client within 14 days, all further work with The Client will be withheld until the invoice is paid and future work will be charged in advance. Late payment will be referred to a debt collection agency after 90 days. All associated fees and charges generated by this process will be passed onto The Client.

12. These payment terms are non-negotiable, irrespective of non-payment/ late payment by a Third Party.

13. Quotes will be provided by Pru Raymond in writing, and must be responded to by email within 5 business days. An agreement by The Client to a quote signifies agreement to the terms and conditions therein.