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Don’t swatch.

Don’t bother knitting a swatch. You are time poor and you just want to cast on and start knitting! If it’s the wrong size needle to get the drape you want on that Stephen West shawl you can always rip back the brioche and the 300 or so stitches and start again.

Don’t waste time swatching for that fairisle sweater you’ve been wanting to knit for ages! Cake up that beautiful yarn you bought especially on your trip to Scotland, cast on, and if it doesn’t fit, you can always give it to a friend. I’m sure they will appreciate it and always hand wash and dry flat in the shade.

Don’t stress over checking gauge before casting on that merino and mohair cardigan: merino is so easy to unravel. We won’t talk about the mohair. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Socks are a swatch. Pretty much. Plus they’ll fit someone in the family. With size 14 feet.

Don’t swatch. I’ve swatched before and still ended up with the wrong size!

Swatching is for nerds. As long as we’re in coo-ee of the gauge, give or take? It’ll block out.

I *usually* swatch. Today I’m feeling lucky!

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