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Pru Raymond is a knitting designer, teacher and writer. She regularly runs knitting workshops around Australia to promote wool-being.  Pru is wearing an Aspire Beanie she designed and knitted in hot pink wool and a colourful dress with a knitted print. Pru is siting in front of a colourful street art mural

Improve your wool-being with knitting!

Knitting has many wellbeing benefits:

  • knitting can be used as an active mindfulness strategy to focus your attention and breath
  • knitting workshops, craft retreats and charity knitting groups are a great way to spend time with friends and make new ones
  • the unique knitted accessories, homewares and toys you create can become treasured gifts for friends and family
  • you can support the wellbeing of others and the planet by curating a unique, sustainable hand-knitted wardrobe from natural fibres
  • learning new things is positive for maintaining a healthy brain.

Plus, knitting is a fantastically rich art practice. Over the centuries, and across the world, people have found new ways to express their unique cultural identity through knitting. Some of these traditions include Fair Isle, Aran, Roosimine, Cowchin and Lopapeysa. It’s easy to spend a lifetime exploring these rich knitting traditions- as knitting designer Pru Raymond has discovered!

Pru Raymond is qualified teacher, writer and wool-being expert. She regularly teaches “Dear Pru” knitting workshops around Australia. Pru designs workshops to help knitters develop skills and confidence to knit a wider range of projects. She also hopes to assist them develop strategies to improve their wool-being in the process!

DIY wool-being

Knitting workshops are super fun and a great way to learn and connect with others, but they aren’t for everyone. If you would prefer to work through one of Pru Raymond’s knitwear designs at your own pace, Pru has published many of her designs as knitting patterns. The instructions are clearly written, with quality photos and links to support videos.

You can purchase quality printed Dear Pru knitting patterns internationally at your local yarn store (thanks to Deep South Fibers) or download digital Dear Pru knitting patterns now via the Dear Pru online store. Subscribers to the Dear Pru email list are often treated to discounts on these patternssign up here

Photo credit: Jacie Davis

Pru Raymond teaches knitting workshops regularly throughout Australia to promote wool-being. She is depicted here with her design, the Slip Float Wrap